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YOKA special fashion commentator: Liao Tian Ge 'harmony' is the first word from the political slogan, initially applied to the network is in the amendment of the game, and now it is out of control, frequently appear in the network of various occasions, And even has turned into independent A kind of thinking, the embodiment of perceptual knowledge and speculation.

The opening of the design are mostly dark heavy cold tone, and declined turned bright and cheerful colors, the final extras the finale series, through the image of A Neighborhood parent-child death, destruction, disappearance of the theme, germination hope happy happy world outlook. In the history of clothing on the stage, few children walk in the T station on the signs, the fashion industry has also been considered an adult

The consumer market, and this 'answer', young and lovely image of the child has become very important, The designer 's voice for the narrative played a particularly critical and profound role. In recent years, the social market for minors has extended matured, And The use of the form of parent-child together to express the emotional harmony of the family, concerned about the growth and future of the topic, called the deterior deteriorating ecological environment and minors, also need love.

Revolution from the perspective of art and With clothing as a carrier exclaimed environmental protection, the image of minors is already made for the metaphor, called for people to be about about the object, need the same care and caring in order to healthy And robust growth, warning has the ability to think independently of the individual, It is time to be sober.