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After the bold assumption that the exhausted waste of resources, polluting the environment results. Painful, rational and firm denial of the arrival of destruction , 'Ya Ark' good existence and possibility, and in the aftermath of the disaster, the ruins can not be found on the 'Nirvana' scene. It can be said that the show, through the contemporary art form of expression and strength of the 'Designer' s clarity and clarity of view, 'answer' is more like a public speech, into the designer 's personal feelings in which shouting hoarse, Wake up the human wake up, stop the pollution of the environment, we should like to care For our children as the living environment.

However, such a sophisticated, strong performance of the intensity, slightly 'everyone is drunk, only I alone wake up' taste. Perhaps this is even more of their attitude towards environmental protection. From the design point Of view, pastoral style has been favored by designers, compared with the same aesthetic of Rococo style and romantic style, although the same generation in Western clothing history, and similar to the emergence of the turmoil in Europe after the change, but Pastoral style is More simple, fresh, highlighting the desire to return to free life.

Lin Qiwei: According to the market and customer needs accurately grasp the market. Cashmere is just a clothing material, it is relatively scarce, naturally more noble, no matter. Lin Qiwei: How do you grasp the knitted cashmere clothing design? Erdos Design Director Lin Qiwei YOKA: How the design, and ultimately to be able to show this noble quality cashmere Caixing. YOKA: this release will affect the trend of knitted garments this year?