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Edit / Shake Point, Line, Plane is the basic element of the plane space, the point moving into line, line moving into the surface. 'This elemental analysis is a bridge to the inner rhythms of the work, Depending on On the spiritual investigation of the individual arts. '- Wassily Kandinsky Kandinsky, a pioneer of abstract art, uses lines, Block combination, there is no fixed format, free to reveal an inner spirit, desire, passion. Kandinsky' s ' Line Through 'Begins with Kandinsky' s artistic creation in order to gather the attention of all of you to the designer 's works -. Her design also runs through the line and surface composition, but the creative media from the paper to the fabric.

Design of the clothing, we can also see through the cut, hollow, stitching combination of lines and surface, feel the lines, block surface exposed under the sexy and wild. Esa Liang African Tour Series 'fashion has nothing to do with money - Africa Tour Esa Liang fashion has nothing to do money - Africa trip .. Series inspired by a journey in Africa, in that clothes do not wrap, eat a lot of Land is not enough, fashion is like a drift in the air of dust, as long as the idea of ​​?? moving a little wind, it will wind Dancing. Esa Liang African tour series of inspiration for the African tour series of black -based Color, the use of different texture of the fabric cut the the interesting surface of the collision with the surface, exposed, through between to create a rich visual space .., Clothing is full of sense of screen and layering.