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Jpg look, the heart of the OS and we must be the same: 'Stylist out, we need to have a good chat' Jiang Xin how so fat!Relied on thick arms and big chest, has not been in the thin sector to stand firm footsteps, private dress style mostly based on mood as the main reference, but still have you Can learn from the significant thin dressing. Such as the recent two sets Of airport street shot look at all the focus in the big white leg ah, who still thought to control your upper body. Although this set did not like the perfect set of deception, but the head of youth balls + 'boyfriend' striped shirt + Just to the skirt of the skirt length, but also enough to significantly thin laps.

In fact, thick arm big chest really is not too fashionable to be seen, but as long as the ability to dress is not significant, still have you look good Transfer focus method, Jiang Xin bored with open skirt, In addition to the ancient bat sleeves, lotus leaf can also be perfect to cover the meat sweater big plus points was thin skirt is a temperament and significantly higher experts, this technology You have to learn Big chest problem is not so easy to handle, if you can not wear like Jiang Xin spicy what the United States can only Gouzhuo back practice 'reduction of chest surgery' ha ha, chatting in fact, there are many fashion Big chest girl!